Why are your prices better than those I find in other dealerships?
The sales policy of most dealerships is to maximize profits on every single sale; What is done in Euro Target instead is to offer our suppliers (car manufacturers rather than wholesalers) a commitment to sell cars of their Brand! This commitment could also be of only a few units per month (for brands with little market penetration), these last units however ... for an annual commitment they take values in terms of number of cars and above all of important turnover and allow carry out our daily work with customer satisfaction! Any customer who buys a € 20,000 car is and will remain a customer for a € 20,000 car, an organization like ours that can afford to sign purchase commitments of as little as 5 cars a month, for cars with an average value of 20,000. €, lead to values on an annual basis of 60 cars and a good € 960,000 in turnover per year! These numbers are the key to being able to snatch the economic conditions that make our customers happy and satisfied!
What is meant by NEW CARS IN PROMOTION ?

New in promotion never registered, in the great majority of the times they are the cars already produced, in stock of the manufacturer or at the brand's dealers, their need to sell them in a short time facilitates our work aimed at obtaining the best possible discount and offer you the best price! They have discounts on average from 10% to 20%

What are NEW "0" KM CARS ?

They are cars registered but never used! The manufacturer or the dealers of the brand have been forced to register them in order to reach the sales targets (there are monthly, quarterly, half-yearly targets and finally the year-end target). These cars enjoy the unique situation of having been registered with the aim of reaching the goal, therefore the selling price is lowered compared to the new car to make it interesting for the customer, a reduction compensated by the premium that this registration has allowed. Discounts range from 15% to 35%

HALF-YEAR CARS LIKE NEW , who changes the car after just 6 months?

Used for only 6 months, like new conditions, kilometers   5,000 / 30,000,   discounts from 20% to 50% ... are the cars used by employees (in some cases even by the first circle of suppliers of car manufacturers) with the aim of circulating cars for their promotion or to rotate the warehouse, it happens often that "0" km cars are then made available to factory staff because they have been left unsold for too many months; then, enjoying the further devaluation reserved for Semi-Annual cars, they become attractive on the market and are therefore sold!

What kind of cars are NEXT TOP QUALITY ?

2/3/4 years old cars, strict quality control process before delivery to the customer! Discounts from 30% to 60%! This category of cars are all regulated in their use by real contracts between the car manufacturers (in some cases even by the first circle of suppliers of the car manufacturers, who exploit the commercial lever of the "Change of Goods", therefore cars in use against discounts on the supply of semi-finished products)   and the user. There are 3 different types of contracts, depending on the kilometers that the user travels annually; So: 30,000 km per year with a 2-year contract; 20,000 km per year with a 3-year contract or 15,000 km per year with a 4-year contract. The final result is fresh cars, well equipped in accessories with unmissable economic conditions and quality of the cars themselves! All cars have a maximum of 60,000 km and have a 12-month warranty which, due to the very high quality of the cars, can be extended up to 48 months!

USED CARS GUARANTEED , who used them, what protections and what guarantees?

Euro Target - Centro Auto Multimarche does not buy used cars to resell to its customers. The used cars of over 4 years of life that we have for sale on our yards or on our web portals, are only and only cars that have been sold to us in exchange, against the purchase of new cars, by our customers! This aspect protects us and the people concerned about the absolute mileage certainty of the cars, complete with a signed document and certificate from the previous owner! Another very important aspect is that by choosing to sell cars of the highest quality (see the other categories mentioned above, such as new or very fresh used cars) we have also chosen for this category of "Guaranteed Used Cars" to limit ourselves to offering for sale only and only those cars that, after a careful check-up carried out in our workshop, have brought out values that are perfectly in line with the high standard we requested! In this way the cars that may have or are close to having problems (mechanics rather than electronics) are sold to dealers / wholesalers, specialized precisely in the purchase of this category of cars. On request, if the previous owner had not forbidden the authorization, it is possible to get in touch with those who drove the used car you are interested in before you, this for greater transparency rather than for a dispassionate advice from those who l car knows it even better than any of us.

I have a used car to trade in, how can I get an evaluation?

All our customers can sell a used car in exchange! To get the best rating, simply follow the instructions at the following link:


Financing and Leasing ... I would like to receive a financial solution for the car I want to buy, how can I get it?

Our portal offers the " Ke-Rata ® " solution for each offer, an interesting alternative to the usual financing and leasing that enjoys the enormous advantage of planning your future car exchange today! Solution for those who need to have no worries beyond driving and leave every 2/3/4 years (depending on the kilometers traveled per year) with a new car!

All our customers who want a "DOC" financial solution will be contacted by our experts to build together the best solution for your needs!

Some important information regarding the link: FINANCING AND LEASING

Is it possible to add or modify accessories or the color of the New Cars?

All New Cars not yet produced can be ordered with the accessories you prefer. We have a team of experts in the sector who will be able to advise you on the combination of accessories and the "construction" of the car according to your needs.

The cars already produced, in stock, are already equipped with the accessories and colors described in the offer.

I found the car that's right for me, what should I do now?

Once you have identified your new car, simply block the promotion with the following procedure:


then you will complete the purchase procedure supported by our staff who will follow you step by step until the delivery of your new car, below is a brief description of everything you need


How does the manufacturer's official guarantee work?

The Official Warranty is included and understood by the manufacturer! It is offered through the network of authorized workshops scattered throughout the European territory for the entire duration of the Official Warranty, which runs from the date of 1st registration for the agreed months, which depend precisely on the make of your car!

For any malfunction of your car, within the period of the Official Warranty, you can therefore contact the authorized workshops of the make of your car directly!

How does the Used Car Guarantee offered by the Euro Target - Centro Auto Multimarche dealership work?

All cars sold have at least 12 months Warranty of Conformity from the date of delivery! The latter guarantee for which it is possible to request an extension up to 48 months!

This latter Guarantee of Conformity is replaced by the Official Guarantee provided by the manufacturer for the remaining period of the latter.

For any breakdowns that may occur on your car, it is essential to contact the "Euro Target Service - Multimarche Authorized Workshop" to make an appointment for the diagnosis and resolution of the problem! But the service does not end here ... in case you are contacting us from outside the area, Euro Target is affiliated with the network of " A Posto " workshops, a franchise of workshops scattered throughout the Italian territory that will take care of yours in the best possible way. car!

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