Warranty extension

Assistance and support from those who know your car best: the result is that our technicians know how everything works and can help you solve most problems in a single intervention.

The advantages of "Warranty extension" add up to the statutory warranty provided by Italian legislation and help you keep one of your most important assets in excellent condition.

It is an insurance product that includes up to 5 years of assistance from our technicians and additional coverage on the main mechanical parts of your car (engine, gearbox, transmission): more and more customers are choosing the experience of Euro Target to live peacefully even the years following the term of the legal guarantee on the car purchased, preferring the certainty of a small monthly installment to the variable of a large and unexpected expense for a breakdown on an important part of the vehicle .

" Warranty extension " can be activated on each Euro Target product: New, New at Km "0", Every six months as new, Next Top Quality, Guaranteed used.

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