Comparing is better!

Learn more about the most important aspects of the insurance world and find out how to choose the best insurance for your profile. We have chosen the same concept that we use to offer you the best car offers to offer you the best insurance! Comparing the offers of different companies allows you to find the best car insurance on the market. Once found, however, it may happen that the problem of changing company arises.

Changing company is a simple procedure. Thanks to the introduction of the Bersani Decree in 2007, many companies no longer require cancellation and often to get car insurance with a new company, you just need to wait to receive the old company's risk certificate at home.

The so-called Bersani Decree (DL number 223 of 4 July 2006), named after the then Minister for Economic Development, introduced a series of changes in the insurance sector with the aim of increasing transparency towards the end customer.

Some of these are contained in article 5, which provides that when taking out a new motor liability policy, the customer maintains the same class of merit as the last contract . This applies both in the case of a purchase of an additional car and in the event that at least five years have passed since the termination of any previous policy.

Furthermore, after an accident, the company cannot change the value of the class of merit until the real faults have been ascertained and certified. Again according to the decree, each insurance agency must comply with rules of transparency towards the customer, promptly informing them of any changes to their detriment in the class of merit.

Furthermore, the companies are no longer authorized to stipulate multi-year contracts, therefore the customer has the possibility of canceling the policy every twelve months , without compensation or penalties. But perhaps the best known point of the Bersani decree is the possibility, given to young people and novice drivers, to take out a new insurance policy by acquiring the merit class of one of the parents , thus paying much less than a fourteenth class (starting class for each new policy): a fundamental requirement is to have the same residence address as the parents on the identity card.


The acronym RCA indicates Motor Vehicle Liability and corresponds to the insurance contract that is associated with every registered car circulating on the road. In our country, in order to be able to circulate with a motor vehicle, insurance is mandatory by law.

By signing this contract, the insured person protects himself financially from possible risks that may occur while driving, therefore attributable to his own responsibility , and which cause material damage and/or injury to third parties. Upon payment of the premium by the insured, the insurance companies undertake to compensate the damages caused to third parties through the use of the vehicle.

Compensation for damages occurs only if the accident caused is accidental and involuntary. The policyholder is always covered for a limit sum, defined as the ceiling, which will be established at the time of signing the Motor TPL contract. The ceiling is established in advance and remains so until the end of the contract term. In cases where the extent of the damage caused is greater than the established sum, the insured will have to provide for compensation for the damage in complete autonomy.

It is important to know that the driver of the car in the event of an accident with negligence is not covered by his own RC Auto , even if he himself were to suffer physical damage during the accident.

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