1.0 FireFly S&S Hybrid City Cross

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  • Condition New at Km '0 '
  • Car body Utility vehicle
  • Color Various Colors
  • Interior Tessuto Antracite
  • Date of 1st registration 12/03/2020
  • Kilometres 10 km
  • Type of exchange Manual 6 Gears
  • Fuel type Ibrida - Elettrica & Benzina
  • Displacement 999 cm³ - 3 cylinders in linea
  • Power 69 Cv / 51 Kw
  • Warranty 24 Months
  • No. of issues Euro6.d tmp (2016/427) e seguenti - CO2 89 g/km (Mixed)
  • Offer N ° 1096187
Standard accessories included in the vehicle set-up (...)
  • Key with transponder
  • Headlight alignment corrector
  • Immobilizer
  • Belt pretensioner
  • Rear window wiper
  • 6-speed manual gearbox
  • 12V power socket
  • Standard interior
  • Driving airbag
  • Passenger airbag
  • Rear head restraints
  • Side bumper strips
  • Manual air conditioning with pollen filter
  • External temperature sensor
  • Steering wheel adjustment
  • Front electric windows
  • Painted bumpers
  • Start & Stop
  • Longitudinal bars for roof racks
  • Front side airbags
  • Door opening / closing remote control + luggage compartment ceiling light
  • Dualdrive power steering
  • Central locking
  • Passenger side shade with courtesy mirror
  • Window bag (front and rear)
  • Luggage compartment ceiling light
  • Whiplash-resistant front headrests
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Specific look
  • Specific interior and tunnel cabinet
  • External temperature sensor
  • Tire pressure sensor
  • ESP with ASR / MSR, HBA and Hill Holder
  • ABS
  • Mechanically operated exterior mirrors
  • Black exterior mirror caps
  • Uconnect Mobile Radio
  • Lowered trim
  • LED daytime running lights
  • High reception DAB radio
  • 15 "aesthetic sheet metal rims with chains + 175/65 R15 Summer tires
  • Fog lights
Technical data    (...)  
Motore Termico
Supercharging NO
Type of supercharging nobody
Displacement in Cm3 0999
Max power in Kw 51
Max Power in Cv 69
Max power at rpm 6000
Max torque in Kgm 9.4
Max torque in Nm 92
Max torque at rpm 3500
Number of cylinders 3
Cylinder arrangement on line
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Catalyzed SI
Anti-pollution device 3-way catalyst
Fiscal power CvF 12
Electric motor
Max power in Kw 1.4
Max Power in Cv 2
Max power at rpm 6000
Max torque in Kgm 9.6
Max torque in Nm 92
Max torque at rpm 3500
Overall Engine
Max power in Kw 51
Max Power in Cv 69
Max power at rpm 6000
Max torque in Kgm 9.5
Max torque in Nm 92
Max torque at rpm 3500
Traction front
Gearbox type mechanic
Nr. Gears 6
Car body
Car body Utility vehicle
Nr. Places 4
Nr. Doors 5
Tank capacity in liters 38
Approval code
Length in cm 370.5
Width in cm 166.2
Height in cm 163.5
Step in cm 230
Mass in Kg 1055
Fully loaded mass in Kg 0000
Capacity in Kg 0000
Towable mass in Kg 0000
Capacity of the boot only in liters 225
Boot capacity & folded seats in liters 500
Maximum trunk capacity, loaded to the roof, in liters 870
Anteriori originals 175/65 R15 82T
Posteriori originals 175/65 R15 82T
Maximum speed in km / h 164
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in Seconds 13.9
Power / mass ratio in Kw / T 48.34
Consumption and emissions
Urban consumption L / 100km 4.7
Urban consumption km / L 21.28
Extra-urban consumption L / 100km 3.5
Extra-urban consumption km / L 28.57
Mixed consumption L / 100km 4
Mixed consumption km / L 25.00
Urban CO2 emissions in g / km 0
Extra-urban CO2 emissions in g / km 0
Mixed CO2 emissions in g / km 89
Combined CO2 emissions of the WLTP cycle in g / Km 0
Combined CO2 emissions of the WLTP cycle maximum in g / Km 0
Ecological Anti-pollution Regulations Euro6.d tmp (2016/427) e seguenti
Notes and Delivery Time (...)

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FOTO: Le foto sulle automobili Nuove a Km"0" potrebbero essere di repertorio, quindi è da considerarsi veritiera, precisa e conforme la descrizione di questa offerta. Trattiamo settimanalmente automobili che sono in deposito nei grandi stock e logistiche di smistamento Europei, per cui le foto, come in questo caso, potrebbero non essere ancora state fatte e caricate! Sarà nostra premura inviarvele appena possibile, scriveteci!

AUTO IN PERMUTA: Hai un'auto da decere in permuta? Con noi è possibile effettuare una valutazione comodamente da casa! Contattaci con tutti i dati della tua auto da cedere in permuta!

FINANZIAMENTO-LEASING-ASSICURAZIONE: Abbiamo un sistema di brokeraggio Finanziario/Leasing & Assicurativo interno con l'obbiettivo di proporvi la miglior soluzione possibile calcolata su misura delle vostre esigenze!
Possiamo proporvi soluzioni All-Inclusive senza alcun anticipo che includono garanzie accessorie quali Furto+Incendio+Rapina+Atti vandalici+Eventi atmosferici+Cristalli oltre che la rassicurante Estensione della Garanzia sull'auto!
Abbiamo soluzioni studiate ad hoc per lavoratori dipendenti che godono di una retribuzione fissa mensile sicura e garantita; con Mini-Rate calcolate in base alla vostro salario mensile, perchè l'acquisto della automobile possa risultare una piacevole esperienza e non un impegno che obbliga a dei sacrifici!
Altre soluzioni per clienti business che devono sostituire l'automobile ogni 2/3/4 anni, con Mini-Rate e valore futuro garantito, in questo modo avrete tutti i vantaggi di un costo certo mensile unito alla deducibilità dell'auto!

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Warranty extension

Assistance and support from those who know your car best: the result is that our technicians know how everything works and can help you solve most problems with a single intervention.

The advantages of "Warranty extension" are added to the legal guarantee provided for by Italian legislation and help you keep one of your most important assets in excellent condition.


Theft and Fire

It is not a simple insurance, but a guarantee that travels together with your new car to protect you from external events, so you will be protected from what can happen to the car by the traditional Guarantee, while from what can happen to the car by this exclusive Guarantee Further! and all this at a SUPER PRICE!

Car liability insurance

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