The most ecological electric car is the New Fiat 500

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Posted by Eleonora Candini on 07-Nov-2020

The most ecological electric car currently on the market is Italian: it is the new Fiat 500.

Evaluated together with Honda Jazz and Peugeot 208, the new electric Fiat 500 was the only one to take home full marks in the new Green NCAP tests to judge the energy efficiency of new cars.

The Green NCAP rating takes into account 3 parameters designed to demonstrate how environmentally friendly the car is: Clean Air Index, Energy Efficiency Index and Greenhouse Gases Index.

The driving test is carried out with both laboratory and real tests; in particular, the New Fiat 500 was evaluated on tests including in cold, hot and motorway environments, as well as driving on typical roads, with heavy load, with light load, in short distances and in traits with congested traffic.

The indices are evaluated in the same way and, in all three categories, the New Fiat 500 achieved maximum points. The only negative note recorded by the evaluation is the charging time with the standard charger, defined as too slow and not optimized; but this is a parameter not considered for the purposes of energy assessment.

However, using the 85 kW fast charger, it takes five minutes to recharge that allows you to travel just under 50 km, while 35 minutes are enough to recharge the battery to 80%.

The New Fiat 500 is the first fully electric car of the Italian company and is 100% made in Italy: design, engineering and production are based in Turin.

In addition to energy efficiency, the New Fiat 500 offers some best-in-class features, including level 2 autonomous driving technology, a variety of battery options and a substantial driving range of up to just over 320km with the WLTP cycle.

On average, the New Fiat 500 has a range of around 320 km if you use the three available driving modes correctly: Normal, Range and Sherpa.

Another parameter not evaluated by the tests, but which reflects the sustainable philosophy of the small car, is the material used in the construction, in particular of the interiors. The seats, in fact, are partly made with SEAQUAL YARN, a fiber obtained from the processing of recycled plastic of which 10% comes from the sea and 90% from the earth.

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