Skoda Enyaq: presales open

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Posted by Emily Sarti on 08-May-2021

Important news for the Czech car manufacturer. Presales are open for the new Skoda Enyak, the first 100% electric SUV based on the Volkswagen group's MEB electric modular platform.

It is offered in Italy in different variants:

  • 50 iV, 55 kWh battery
  • 60 iV, 62 kWh battery
  • 80 iV, 82 kWh battery

A model designed for the most sporty, characterized by 20-inch alloy wheels and the specific design of the bumper, while in the passenger compartment there is no lack of carbon fiber finishes.

What is most striking about the new Skoda is the design, which stands out from that seen on the other cars on the list, while maintaining the family character of the range it respects the "green" concept, since the interior of the Skoda Enyak adopts sustainable materials.

The front of the electric SUV is rather aggressive with a strong look also present in the rear, where slim headlights stand out. The dashboard includes a 13-inch monitor through which it is possible to interact with the SmartLink infotainment system allowing the interface with the smartphone thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In addition, the Connect App allows you to remotely control the charging of both the battery and the pre-air conditioning.

As for the autonomy of the new SUV we can say that the basic version is equipped with an autonomy that reaches a maximum of 340 km, for the 60 iV version of the Skoda Enyak the declared autonomy ranges from a minimum of 393 to a maximum of 413 Km. While for the 80 iV version, top of the range, it has an autonomy that reaches up to a maximum of 537 Km.

The 100% electric SUV can be recharged in 36 minutes with current up to 125 kW, going from 0% to 80%. It is also possible to recharge it with a 2.3 kW domestic socket but the times are extended to 12 hours, while with a Wallbox having a power between 7.4 and 11 kW the charging time can vary between 8 and 12 hours. hours.

The standard Skoda Enyak already has the dual zone climate control, the multifunction leather steering wheel, the DAB radio and the keyless starting system. Then, depending on the configuration, it is possible to have differentiated upholstery for the seats, mats, center console and ambient lighting.

Therefore, it is an SUV designed for both sportsmen and families thanks to the layout of the interiors which are very spacious, but also for the trunk which has a standard capacity of 585 liters.

The list price starts at € 35,950 for the basic version of the Skoda Enyak.

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