Pieve recharges you: the app that recharges your car and wallet

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Posted by Eleonora Candini on May 15, 2021

The innovative project "Pieve recharging you" wanted by the company F.lli Campanini sas and supported by the Emilia Romagna Region and the municipality of Pieve di Cento, allows you to recharge your electric car and your wallet.

The recharging station is located in Pieve di Cento in via Gessi 1 / A and can be used through the "Pieve ti recharge" app which can be reached from the website or via the QR code displayed at the entrance.

Once logged in, you can choose between normal AC 22 kW recharge with TYPE 2 socket or DC 140 kW super-fast recharge with CCS 2 socket. land indicating the parking spaces.

Through the app it is also possible to open the gate of the station (if you are less than 50 meters away and you have an active reservation), start the recharge and monitor its status, but also report if you need an electric bike to use during the wait. Yes, because it is not necessary to wait next to the car, but given the position adjacent to the historic center, it is possible to go to local businesses and shop at the numerous affiliated businesses to get "shock points" and top up the discount portfolio to be applied on the final amount to be paid for the recharge.

At the time of booking it is necessary to indicate the voltage you want to recharge, for a minimum of 20 kW and select the power in order to decrease or increase the time required for parking. If you wish to recharge less than 20 kW or, in any case, less than the reservation, simply unplug, again through the app, when you reach the desired recharge, paying only the kW actually used.

Finally, the area is served by surveillance cameras, viewable through the installed application and accessible only to users with active reservations or with the car being charged, who can enter and exit without limits.

In short, a safe green project - from all points of view - which in addition to recharging the car, also recharges the wallet, thanks to the shock points deductible from the recharge itself.

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