Lancia, Alfa Romeo and DS Automobiles: the future of the 3 premium brands of the Stellantis group

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Posted by Eleonora Candini on 06-Feb-2021

Stellantis is the group born from the merger between FCA and PSA and brings together 14 brands. As other large groups have done in the past, for brand management, Stellantis will create blocks to group brands according to their orientation. Among these, the premium hub will bring together Lancia, Alfa Romeo and DS Automobiles.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, had already expressed his desire to keep all the brands of the new group active, but to do so, it is necessary to refine the positioning of each one and avoid cannibalization.
The strategy, already in use for Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa in which most of the invisible components are identical, aims to pool technical, industrial and development plans as much as possible.

Béatrice Foucher, director of DS Automobiles, during the press conference to present the new DS4, spoke about the operation:

Obviously we will work with all the brands of the group (...) but we will also have to create specific models for the three premium brands (...) which means that we will have to work very closely with these other brands.

DS, despite not having yet received consideration as a true premium brand, following this strategy, could take advantage of Alfa Romeo's know-how for all-wheel drive and more powerful thermal engines.
However, Alfa Romeo and Lancia could also find advantages from this approach: while it is true that Alfa Romeo can provide the Giorgio platform for large models, it is also true that the DS4 platform could be a basis for a new version of the Giulietta. , but also a new generation of Lancia Delta .
Surely all three premium brands will receive an important commercial boost from the collaboration.

The decision to group DS, Alfa Romeo and Lancia is a natural consequence of their roles within the group: DS and Lancia represent French luxury on the one hand and Italian dolce vita style on the other, while Alfa Romeo is the image of high-level sportsmanship.

We will therefore see how things evolve for Alfa Romeo, Lancia and DS Automobiles in the coming months and the decisions that will be made for the three brands in the coming years.

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