Euro Target numbers - February 2021

Posted by Eleonora Candini on 08-Mar-2021

We have analyzed the data of our deliveries in the month of February and we want to share with you which brands and models were preferred in this month.

The podium of the best-selling brands

The historic Italian brand FIAT reaffirms itself in first place, with a clear detachment from the lower steps .

Second place for the German VOLKSWAGEN .

Equal merit in third place for the American FORD and JEEP .


Favorite models

At the top of the ranking of the models chosen by our customers, the Italian subcompact Fiat Panda 3 in series.

Dead heat in second place in this ranking for our Jeep Renegade, Nissan Qashqai 2 in series and Volkswagen Polo 4 in series.

Dead heat in third place for the elegant Mercedes Class A and Lancia Ypsilon 3 series.


The most choice feedings

Diesel, chosen by 44% of our customers, is the preferred diet in February 2021.

Petrol follows, chosen by 31% of our customers.

LPG and methane were chosen as fuel for the car by 11% and 7% of our customers respectively.

Good news for the hybrid, chosen by 7% of our customers, while no one has chosen an electric car.

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Delivery time

From the data of February 2021, our customers waited on average 34 days to get in their car.

As for the brands on the podium, Fiat made the customers who chose it wait 43 days; slightly slower Jeep with 46 days. Faster instead Volkswagen, with only 28 days of waiting and Ford which recorded an average delivery time of 8 days.

Smart wins the prize for speed with only 2 days of waiting for delivery. Dacia, on the other hand, is the brand that has been waiting the longest with 124 days of waiting.

As for the fueling of the selected cars, LPG and methane made them wait 18 days, thus recording the shortest waiting time for delivery. It is the hybrid with 66 days that has made the customers who have chosen it wait longer.


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