Emilia Romagna in the yellow zone from 26 April: what changes for purchases

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Posted by Eleonora Candini on 24-Apr-2021

Starting from Monday 26 April, the colors of the regions change as part of the new decree for the containment of the epidemic from Covid19. Here are the new rules.

The measures adopted in recent weeks have allowed some regions, including Emilia Romagna, to enter the yellow zone.

The main advantage of the new yellow zone is the possibility to move freely, without the need to certify the movement, within the whole regional territory.

The novelty introduced by the decree is the possibility of moving without self-certification even between regions, as long as both the departure and destination regions are classified in the white or yellow zone upon arrival.

It is also possible to move to regions in the red or orange zone, but in this case it is necessary to have a green card, i.e. the vaccination pass or certification of healing or swab with negative results carried out within the previous 48 hours.

In the yellow zone, the activities considered essential remain open, including food, pharmaceuticals and dealerships for the resale of cars and motorcycles. To these, from 26 April, there will be restaurants and bars for both lunch and dinner as long as they are outdoors, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, live clubs and team and contact sports activities.

The curfew from 10pm to 5am and the closure of shopping centers and parks on holidays and the day before holidays, with the exception of essential activities, are currently confirmed.

To reach eurOtarget for the purchase of your car starting from April 26, you do not need self-certification from any municipality you come from.

You can find us in our usual opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 19.30 and on Saturday from 9 to 13 and exclusively by appointment in the afternoon from 15.30 to 18.30.

Our advice, however, is to always make an appointment at our contact details before visiting the dealership, in order to limit waiting times and protect your health as much as possible.

In any case, the obligation to use the mask to cover the nose and mouth remains, even in open spaces, and the invitation to disinfect your hands often.

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