Emilia Romagna in dark orange: the rules for shops in the province of Bologna

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Posted by Eleonora Candini on 27-Feb-2021

Starting today, Saturday 27 February 2021, the entire province of Bologna enters the dark orange zone. The provision will be valid until March 14 with the aim of reducing the spread of the coronavirus and establishes more restrictive rules than the national ones envisaged for the orange zone. Here are all the rules for getting around for purchases.

The restrictions introduced by the new provision provide for a stop to non-essential movements even within one's own municipality, blocks the possibility of visiting friends and relatives and the teaching activity becomes totally remote starting from primary school. However, there are no further restrictions on economic activities than the orange zone regulations.

Economic activities are allowed in all the municipalities of Emilia Romagna, including those of the metropolitan city of Bologna in the dark orange area, provided that the maximum respect for safety and interpersonal distance. Out-of-town travels are allowed only for the purchase of goods that cannot be found in one's own municipality.

Car dealers, as resellers of basic necessities, continue to carry out their commercial activity regularly, according to the usual hours and with the utmost respect for safety and interpersonal distance.
To visit the commercial premises it is mandatory to wear a mask, respect the distance of at least one meter and enter only one person per family unit and it is recommended not to stay on site longer than the time necessary for the purchase.

Reaching eur O target for the purchase of your new or used car is also possible out of the ordinary, setting an appointment for the day and time most convenient for you and obtaining self-certification indicating the following details:

  • The move is determined by: Other reasons allowed by current regulations, or by previous decrees, ordinances and other measures that define the measures for the prevention and spread of the infection;
  • Specify the reason for the move: Advice on the next purchase of a car;
  • That the movement started from: your domicile or residence address or in any case the city from which you reach us, for example Pieve di Cento, Cento or Ferrara.
  • With destination: Euro Target - Multi-brand Car Center - Pieve di Cento (BO).

Do you have self-certification to reach us?

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