Electric car battery recycling: the Skoda project

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Posted by Eleonora Candini on May 28, 2021

Pioneer of the electric car battery recycling project is the Volkswagen group, which for some time has already started a plant for the recovery of the precious material of which the batteries are made.

Several companies, however, are studying plans to start projects with the aim of reusing raw materials and giving a second life to batteries mounted on electric cars.

But a new interesting project comes again from the Volkswagen group, in particular from Skoda.

The Czech carmaker has developed a storage system that can hold up to 20 batteries from the Superb iV and Octavia iV models or 5 batteries from the Enyaq iV electric SUV. The system has a capacity of up to 238 kWh and inside it can also store the energy that exceeds the production of the photovoltaic systems installed in the dealerships.

Skoda's idea is to use the energy produced by these new storage systems first to support the energy needs of showrooms and electric car recharging, then to power, eventually, also the fast charging stations with power up to 150 kW. . Maintenance is simple and the batteries inside can be replaced easily and in just a few steps.

Although the storage system can be expanded, Skoda has found from a pilot project conducted in Prague that the capacity of the batteries of these storage systems actually drops by about 2% every year and can therefore be used for 15 years, after which the batteries will be recycled to recover raw materials and build new accumulators.

The first units, 160 of which are already in pre-order, will be available with batteries that come from test or pre-production vehicles, but in the future the idea is to use accumulators from production cars.

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