Connected cars: Tom Tom and Hitachi off to collaboration

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Posted by Eleonora Candini on Jan 18, 2020

The news arrives of a collaboration between TomTom and Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas for the development of a system capable of improving navigation efficiency and car ADAS .

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The collaboration between TomTom consists of the synergy between their technologies. Hitachi's car sensors and TomTom's navigation systems and driver assistance tools come into play: the former to detect road hazards and their location, the latter to receive the information collected in real time.

In particular, the idea is to use Hitachi's sensors and advanced technologies to detect potholes and obstacles and send the information to the TomTom platform which in turn informs all navigation applications and ADAS systems running TomTom connected services of the dangers. . In this way, the driver, in addition to being informed about the traffic situation, can decide the shortest route in real time, saving time and stress.

This solution, if implemented on intelligent vehicles, is able to minimize delays, increase safety - for the driver and not only - and alert the municipalities to carry out the necessary interventions; all in real time.

In short, it is an interesting collaboration, which could be a starting point for other companies and which gives way to an increasingly "intelligent" and connected automotive sector. We therefore look forward to other news in this regard.

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