Last episode of "discovering eurOtarget service ": David check-up technician

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Posted by Emily Sarti on July 14, 2021

With today we have come to the end of the topic that we have been dealing with for a few months. To conclude we will talk about the ring that connects eurOtarget service with eurOtarget together with David, the technician who takes care of carrying out complete check-ups of the cars.

David uses a predefined format to carry out the check-ups every time, initially he checks the first start of the car, to verify that the car starts correctly and quickly. Then test the car on the road to check the state of the vehicle, then listen for abnormal noises while making bends, bumps, braking, acceleration. Then check that the car is driving in a straight direction, and this happens in a straight line during which it also checks the position of the steering wheel and if all the driving aids work properly.

In summary, during the first check, David verifies the correct functioning:

  • goodwill
  • the state of the vehicle
  • vibrations and various noises
  • the efficiency of the thermostat
  • driving assistance
  • of the parking brake
  • direction of the car in the engine

At this point it verifies the operation of the engine compartment, thus checking the condition of the battery, if there are any leaks, the levels of engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and wiper fluid. In short, in the second phase of the format, he checks the integrity of all the gears and internal parts of the engine compartment.

Then the interiors are checked, so everything related to the electronic accessories, the radio, rather than the mirrors and seats.

In the workshop the machine is raised with the lift to inspect the underbody by checking the tires, brakes, exhaust and all the other components of the underbody.

Finally, the deadlines and maintenance periods for each car in relation to the year and mileage are checked in the database on the computer, as the parent company recommends the interventions to be carried out.

The outcome of the check-up is then uploaded to the management system and sent and eurOtarget.

Here and now that you are aware of how we carry out the check-ups, we are waiting for you in the workshop!

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