Has the car stopped for too long? Here are the tips to protect it

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Posted by Eleonora Candini on 18-Mar-2021

During this period, the machine may remain stationary for some time. To avoid unpleasant surprises when switching on, we recommend that you take care of it and protect it. Here are our tips to guarantee the perfect functioning of the car even in the event of a car standing still for some time.


The part of the car that undoubtedly suffers the most from the standstill period is the battery. Due to normal current leakage, it can happen that if the car is standing still for a long time, the battery will run out.

To avoid problems it is advisable to have an instrument, called a voltmeter, with which to measure the charge of the battery which must be at least 12.4 V. If the voltage at the poles is lower it is necessary to charge the battery.

Some recommend, in case of long periods of inactivity, to disconnect the battery. Our suggestion, on the contrary, is not to do it, especially if the car is recent, so as not to cause damage to the ECU.
If, on the other hand, the car is over 10 years old and you decide to disconnect the battery anyway, you need to keep the car radio code handy so as not to have the system reset. Furthermore, by disconnecting the car battery, the control units that control the central locking, the electric windows and the push-button opening are deactivated, as well as the alarm.

The tires

Periodically, if the car has been standing still for a while, it is a good idea to check the tires.

The tires of the car if they remain stationary for long periods could lose in terms of performance and safety, as they could deflate or lose their original shape by crushing.

To remedy this problem, our advice is to regularly monitor the tire pressure and move the car even a few meters at least once a week.

Useful tips

To preserve the car even in the event of a prolonged stop for many consecutive days, our advice is to never leave the car with the tank empty, but not too full, opting for a "half full" can help.

Furthermore, contrary to what is often said, starting the car and turning it off after a few minutes, without even having traveled a few meters is a wrong practice that damages the battery, injectors and engine. What is a good idea to do, however, is to start the car and drive about ten kilometers before turning it off, in order to clean all the components.

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