The proximity to the territory: we know the Monteborre farmhouse

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Posted by Emily Sarti on 08-Apr-2020

With the arrival of Antonia, leader of the new eur O target branch in Albania, we decided to make her live a unique experience in our territory.

And what could be better than letting her stay in Monteborre? Well-known farmhouse near the historic center of Cento, surrounded by greenery on one side and a few steps from the renowned Bologna in miniature on the other.

On this occasion Stefano Chierici, CEO of eur O target, wanted to meet the owner of Monteborre, Stefano Giorgi. An established and appreciated person for his history and his local contribution, both as main sponsor of Benedetto XIV, in the years 1989/90/91, a local basketball team, and as a supporter of Centese calcio in the period in which it was active. in series C.

Stefano Giorgi has dedicated himself to the world of fashion since 1976, conceiving and designing collections for women, obtaining the award for best Italian designer, thus reaching international peaks.

The first meeting with the former stylist was therefore held in Monteborre, in the light of the desire to host Antonia, our collaborator in the green of the farmhouse.

A strong synergy was created during the visit to the farm, as both Stefano Chierici and Stefano Giorgi share the passion for our land and also the founder of eur O target in recent years has been helping to support the aforementioned local basketball and football teams. Furthermore, Stefano Giorgi just recently announced that he will return with Centese, this time actively as a member of the football team.

So many things in common, such as the desire to bring their activities to be a point of reference throughout the Italian territory and also abroad.

In fact, in recent years Monteborre has distinguished itself precisely for hosting customers from all over the world and from all over Italy.

At the end of his career as a stylist, Giorgi has decided, in recent years, to transform his passion for fashion into a farmhouse full of surprises, such as the works of art created by the artist Buratti, a well-known local painter and sculptor. Also involving Buratti's son, known as an Interior Designer of the territory and owner of Officinarkitettura, who set up the rooms of the farmhouse with wallpaper. The latter are characterized by a patriotic spirit, as each has been assigned the name of a city in our territory, namely 'Junior suite Bologna', 'Room Modena' and 'Room Ferrara'.

In addition to the rooms with distinctive features, the Monteborre farmhouse is dedicated to the production of wine, with the classic 72-month method, and to other organic products, enhancing our territory.

On the occasion of the visit to Monteborre, Stefano Chierici and Stefano Giorgi agreed on a second appointment, in order to deepen the content of the first visit.

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